My view of the world from my table outside Bar Italia, 22 Frith Street, Soho, London. I write about entrepreneurship and wellness and sport and media because they’re my fascinations. The blogging form is to “find your tribe” and specialise in order to build a following. But that’s not for me, my interests are wider. If you’re here, I welcome you. If you’re not here, then I’m guessing you’re off with your tribe.

Frith Street Soho London 1977 opposite Bar Italia couple in flared jeans walking

I believe the photograph of Frith Street in Soho London is taken in 1977. Check out the flares on the couple and the man crossing the street, also the classic Ford. Bianchi’s is now Little Italy, owned by the Polledri family who also own Bar Italia. Just to the right of Bar Italia, you can see just a corner of Jimmy’s. The famous Greek restaurant opened in 1948 and sadly closed in 2012. On the left, where the woman walks towards the camera, the truly world famous Ronnie Scott’s jazz club.

While that photograph is over forty years old, not a lot has changed. Despite some locals or pretend locals saying Soho has lost its soul, Frith Street is still the same in many ways. Except the traffic goes north to south now. Ronnie’s throws out after 3am and Bar Italia is open until 5am, before a two hour closure. I believe I remember being there even later than 5am but can’t be sure, but my memory is a bit hazy, understandably. Frith Street very rarely sleeps.

I spend a lot of time at Bar Italia. Rather than the pile of cardboard shown in the photograph, there are now tables outside on the pavement. It’s a great people watching spot. See my Photographs page for more. Bar Italia is directly opposite Ronnie’s and there I’ve seen many of the world’s best jazz artists.