Powerful Podcasts : 10 Favourites

Podcast Early Days – The Cycling Podcast Podcasts have built a huge piece in my self development through learning repertoire. My first post here told the story of me cutting loose from social media for several reasons, one being the amount of time used up by mindless scrolling through comments and photographs. There are a … Read more

The Entrepreneur’s Challenge: Focus Versus Strategy

Being Aware Of The Tension What sorts the good people in an entrepreneurial organisation from the so-so and bad? I would suggest the good ones can switch between having a clear strategic framework and thought process and then dip into the focus and detail effortlessly. They are aware at some level that both exist and … Read more

Ageing: 60 – Getting Better At It With Age

Kanreki Ageing is a liberating experience for me. 18 months ago saw my 60th birthday. Turning the page of a calendar isn’t something which should invoke different behaviours and feelings, but it did. A Californian holiday with my wife was a good disconnection from the day to day. On our return I uncharacteristically had a … Read more

New England Patriots Dynasty – 2 GOATs, Any Sport?

Brady Belichick Sideline Conference Suppler Bowl LIII

Super Bowl Number Six New England Patriots won another Super Bowl last Sunday, squeezing the life of the formerly explosive Los Angeles Rams. The game was slated in some quarters as dull and lacking in flair and of course points. New Orleans Saint fans remain hacked off that their team weren’t there to face off … Read more

The Zen Of Regaining Privacy

Privacy and time concerns motivated me to disconnect from social media some time ago. The full dopamine addict set of LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter was on all my devices. Together with a Google account, these guys tracked my every move and far too much of my time was being sucked away by this opiate … Read more