Medium The Right Medium?

First Steps On Medium

I’ve been blogging on Medium for a few weeks now. Writing more regularly has helped me. The more I write, the more I write. My own new blog has seen an upturn in the quantity of content. Plus I had an article published on another website, around my approach to ageing and wellness.

The work on Medium has attracted very little in the way of attention. One article was featured in Startups and got a reasonable number of reads. A few others around my experience in startups haven’t made the grade. An educated guess would say I had a title with the right impact and it caught the eye of the content curator. The lesson is to think more about that sound bite (or whatever the reading version of a sound bite is). Without going down the listicle route. A small number of my blogs have played with “10 Reasons I’m A Shallow Follower” titles, but it really isn’t for me.

Writing More, Learning More

A further piece was published in The Writing Cooperative, although there has been no response to that one at all. That’s no surprise, it was one of those early change learning aloud pieces about the process. When I scan this particular Medium publication, it’s awash with broadly similar posts, about the process. About winning and failing at writing.

Taking a further step back, Medium is very noisy in general. The amount of content overwhelms me and I can’t navigate around the content that easily. I find the worst aspect is the algorithm that “learns” what I’m interested in. It’s not that well calibrated; either that or I’m an obsessive. If I look at an article on one subject, I get over served by similar articles the next time I log in.

If you were to see my timeline you would assume I’m an addict with depression and an eating disorder related to my sporting endeavours. Really. I need to find a way to keep the spectrum of reading opportunities open.

Following And Followers

On the following/follower front, I have no clue. When, many eons ago, I was active on social media it was easy to think “football” and then follow all the players and clubs and publications and commentators. It’s not the same on Medium, not as easy to quickly access all the related content in an area. That’s a good thing. Because there isn’t the same finely honed like/retweet dopamine hit on Medium, I forget to think about the following/follower dynamic. It’s not a primary consideration.

When it come to writing, I need to find a way to be spotted in the thrashing sea of content. There’s no shortcut there, just keep writing. One day a post will get noticed and then followers may be attracted and off we go. Or not. It’s much more likely not. But nevertheless I will keep writing.

The Right Medium?

Is Medium the right medium for me? I think so. It has a different pace. The frantic “look at me” urgency isn’t there. Very importantly the virulent trolling of other platforms is not present. I haven’t seen any aggressive trolling articles. I read comments under good posts and it isn’t knee deep in vitriol. It’s supportive and appreciative and if there is any criticism, it’s of the constructive type. This alone makes the platform a winner for me.

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